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Plastic Bottles

Plastic Laboratory Bottles / Plastic Laboratory Containers / Jars

We manufacture range of specialty & regular plastic bottles and plastic lab bottles from different Polymers like HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, PETG, PC, etc. as per customer’s requirements:

The Design & the Material Selection of these Plastic Laboratory Bottles / Plastic Containers / Blow Molded Containers are decided on the basis of the application of the bottles.

Our Packaging Material Selection Criteria includes the evaluation of the following characteristics:

  1. Autoclavable Bottles  - withstand high temp.
  2. Possibility of Steam Sterilization
  3. Resistance to Acids.
  4. Good Impact Strength.
  5. Withstand Freezing temperatures
  6. Chemical Resistance
  7. Barrier to most of the gasses
  8. Barrier to moisture

Also, we provide the decoration facilities of these bottles with:
Printed or Plain Shrink Sleeves
Screen Printing
Sticker / Labels
Hot Foil Stamping, etc.


For more information on Plastic Bottles, please mail us at or

Call us on +91 98209 91514