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Plastic Cassettes For Rapid Test

We manufacture Plastic Cassettes for Rapid Test in single way and multi way (two or four ways) as per customer’s requirements.

The Plastic Cassettes for Rapid Test (Cassettes for diagnostic kits) are widely used for instant results. The Rapid test can be carried out without laboratories or also without power supply (except in some cases).

The plastic cassettes for rapid test are a modern way of testing and are Accurate, Cost Effective and User Friendly as compared to other conventional methods like Dipsticks, which may affect the result of the tests.
Plastic Cassettes for Rapid Test
Rapid test Diagnostic cassette

We manufacture Single Panel and Multi Panel Rapid Test Cassettes that are used for HIV, HCG, Flu, Hepatitis, Dengue, Malaria tests, etc., as per customer’s requirements.

We also provide high quality printing on Rapid Test Cassettes.


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